Respryn Lamb Trial

Respryn Lamb Trial

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Lamb is the perfect source of protein, being nutrient dense and highly digestible, along with being a great source of vitamin B12 and iron, perfect for keeping nerve and blood cells healthy.

Named after the woodland glen below Lanhydrock House, Respryn is the perfect spot for an afternoon of meandering along the riverbank in every season.

  • Made using freshly prepared lamb, naturally rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
  • Our recipe has Pre-biotics MOS (Mannanoligosaccharides) & FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) which may help to promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria and aid digestion.
  • Added Omega 3 to help support a healthy skin and coat.
  • Sweet potato is an excellent alternative to grains as it is naturally rich in B Vitamins.
  • Contains NO artificial colours or preservatives.
  • Naturally preserved using rosemary extract.
  • Made in Britain. 
  • Grain Free.
  • Hypoallergenic.

Discover Respryn – Dog Friendly Walks

Located in central Cornwall just off the A30 in Bodmin, to reach Respryn you will need to head down and beyond the National Trust property Lanhydrock to the river, this pathway takes you either down and along the former carriageway to Bodmin Train Station, or out and around the estate’s woodlands. Depending on which time of year you make it down to the river you might be in luck spotting the local wildlife, from king fishers to otters that call the riverbanks home.

* Feeding Guide
Weight of Dog (kg)  Adult Dog Grams per day (g)
1 - 5kg  25 - 90g
5 - 10kg 90 - 145g
10 - 20kg 145g - 245g
20 - 30kg 245 - 335g
30 - 40kg 335 - 405g
40+ kg 415+ g

* All dogs are different and the guidelines should be adapted to take into account breed, age, temperament and activity level of the individual dog. When changing foods please introduce gradually over a period of two weeks. Always ensure fresh, clean water is available.


Lamb 50% (including Freshly Prepared Lamb 30%, Dried Lamb 18% & Lamb Stock 2%), Sweet Potato (23%), Peas (9%), Potato, Pea Protein, Linseed, Beet Pulp, Omega 3 Supplement, Minerals, Vitamins, Vegetable Stock, Mint (0.2%), FOS (96 mg/kg), MOS (24 mg/kg)


Vitamins: Vitamin A 15,000 IU, Vitamin D3 2,000 IU, Vitamin E 95 IU

Trace Elements: Zinc (Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate) 50mg, Iron (Iron (II) Sulphate Monohydrate) 50mg, Manganese (Manganous Sulphate Monohydrate) 35mg, Iodine (Calcium Iodate Anhydrous) 1mg, Selenium (Sodium Selenite) 0.3mg


Crude Protein 26% 

Crude Fat 13%

Crude Fibre 3%

Crude Ash 9.5%

Moisture 8%

NFE  40.5%
Metabolisable Energy 361 kcal/100g 

Omega 6  1.8%
Omega 3  1.4%
Calcium  2.0%
Phosphorus  1.2%