About Us

A Flora...

Our Airedale Flora is feisty, fun and full of life. She brims with excitement and mischief even in her senior years. However, she is fussy; fussy for meaty morsels, fussy for biscuits with a crunch, whilst also having a sensitive tummy. 

Flora is also a well known local celebrity in the Cornish dog scene, being known by many as the face of Doggy Day Care Cornwall and the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, where her golden silhouette adorns every sign and emblem.

She spends most of her days at doggy day care with her Bearded Collie bestie Grace and their friends, many of whom are also fussy, along with having a delicate digestive system. 

Fortunately for Flora, the keepers of the Big Gold Dog had a plan...

Katy & Jordan

With a goal to make natural feeding for four-legged friends simple, accessible and affordable, the duo set out to create a range of high quality, naturally produced dog food, that is rich in meat and grain free. Taking the food straight from the factory to the doors of their four-legged friends, cutting out the middleman and making high quality food affordable.

Our grain free range has been developed through the pair's knowledge, built from their dog day care service and experience as pet owners in how to nourish naturally along with the proven benefits that we witness on a daily basis.

Jordan Co Founder
Katy - Co Founder

About Natural Cornish Pet

Located in the depths of the West Country our aim is to deliver and simplify feeding for conscientious dog owners across Cornwall. We only supply the best quality products from top brands such as Canagan, Forthglade, Natures Menu and Natural Instinct as well as new and innovative supplements and products to assist you in your efforts to provide the best diet possible for your pets.

All products on the Natural Cornish Pet website are hand selected, considered for their nutritional value, and provide excellent value for money. If you have any questions about your pet's diet or raw feeding please get in touch. Should this be your first steps in to transitioning your pet on to raw feed we strongly recommend consulting your local vet first to ensure what is best in the interest of your pet’s current needs. Should you be in need of any advice, inspiration or guidance, please sign up to our regular newsletter for our latest blogs on how best to support your pet’s needs. 

Why The Natural Cornish Pet Shop?

We are proud to be a Cornish business; living in the UK's own Wild West we love being an independent business and hope that as we grow we can make waves in disrupting what is commonly a traditional industry. Aiding the way for the natural pet revolution! 

Where It All Began

Jordan and Katy started Doggy Day Care Cornwall in 2014 after finding a demand in the local area for a quality day-to-day dog care solution. The business grew rapidly and they were soon faced with a host of wonderful new friends, and the opportunity to aid guests and owners who were frustrated in their search for quality natural and raw dog food in Cornwall. With a dedicated following of dog day care users already on the path to feeding the best natural pet food on the market, Katy and Jordan quickly became aware that there was an opportunity to support the wider dog-loving Cornish network, bringing the Natural Cornish Pet Shop to life.

Our carefully curated shop not only stocks a great selection of quality raw dog food products, but is also a specialist natural pet food centre that sells only the best quality wet and dry pet foods, supplements and treats to meet all your canine and feline's nutritional needs. With great service and knowledgeable staff, we’ll make choosing the right food for your pet simple and accessible, as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

Our Customers Built The Foundations Upon Which We Grow...

Establishing Doggy Day Care Cornwall back in 2014, Jordan and Katy built a dog-loving community with the common goal of creating the best days for healthy, happy, four-legged friends. Treating each dog as an individual set the pathway to discovering the world of natural feeding and the benefits that a natural diet can have, not just on dogs but cats as well!


The Natural Cornish Pet Shop